Saving Money on Printer Ink Cartridges

Why are ink cartridges so expensive?

It's just a bit of plastic with some colored water inside, so why does a printer cartridge cost so much? It's all part of the business models of the major printer makers. In order to compete on the prices of the printers themselves, they'll sell you one at little or no profit. Then, once you own their printer and have no choice but to purchase replacement ink, they put the squeeze on you. Ink from the big printer makers retails for many times more than the cost of the materials and manufacturing.

Don't get ripped off when you buy printer cartridges.

There are generally two ways to avoid getting gouged when your printer runs out of ink:

  1. Refill your ink cartridge with a refill kit.
    This is the cheapest option. But, it can get a bit messy if you're not careful and some people find it to be more trouble than the extra savings justify. If you have a bit of patience they're fine (I've uses them in the past). Most of the companies that sell compatible cartridges also sell refill kits.
  2. Buy compatible 3rd party ink cartridges.
    For just a bit more than the refill kits, you can get ink cartridges from an independent manufacturer. These work identically to the ones you would buy from the printer maker. They can be either new "copies", or cartridges made by the printer maker which have been recycled and refilled with fresh ink.

Get your ink where the pros do.

Many companies sell compatible ink cartridges on the web. We've checked them out and selected some reputable dealers with good prices. Their customers include professional design firms and large business who need top quality while minimizing costs. We've also tracked down their latest discount coupons, so you can save even more. To find the right cartridge for your printer at a great price, follow these simple steps:

  1. Note down the make and model of your printer.
  2. Click one of the coupon buttons to get your coupon code and access the shop./li>
  3. Type your printer maker and model into the search field to find the exact ink cartridge you need.
  4. At checkout, input your coupon code and save a ton on printer ink!