How to Save On Magazine Subscriptions

You're probably paying too much for magazines.

Chances are you're wasting money when you buy magazines. It's not that the magazines are not worth reading; it's more to do with the way that most of us buy them. Whether you're buying a celebrity gossip magazine or a professional journal for brain surgeons, you could probably be shopping smarter and saving yourself a nice chunk of money.

I confess that until fairly recently, I was guilty of paying far too much for my magazines (Yes, even though I write for a website about coupons and saving money!). I used to pick up my favorite magazines either at the supermarket (you know how they always place them near the checkout to entice you into an impulse buy), or at a local book store.

Now, that's fine if you are only going to buy one issue per year. But if, like me, you buy a magazine almost every month for a monthly magazine, or even just a few times a year, then you're almost certainly over-paying. In fact, in most cases you could get an annual subscription for far cheaper. And you'd have each issue sent directly to your home.

How to get the best prices on magazines:

The obvious solution is to order a subscription directly from the publisher, for example by filling out one of those forms included in the magazine, or calling the phone number listed. That tends to save quite a lot off the cover price, but you'd still be paying more than you need to for your magazines. Using online magazine subscription services can save 10-50% more. The Daily Coupon Post has descriptions and links for several of the top services.

These online subscription brokers carry most any magazine to match any interest. Whether it's a top seller like Cosmopolitan, Us, Men's Journal, Popular Science, or a monthly publication dedicated to X-men comics, you'll surely find the magazine you're looking for.

But it gets even better (cheaper!) when you take advantage of the coupons we provide. Several of our featured magazine brokers give out online coupons for discounts of up to 10% or more beyond their already discounted prices.

Our top magazine providers and coupons (updated daily) here: