How To Buy Shoes Online And Save

Just a few years ago, buying shoes online was not so common, but recently online sales of footwear have skyrocketed. While shoppers enjoy the massive selection available online, there are also the disadvantages associated with not being able to see and try on the shoes in person. While sizing can be an issue, there are ways to ensure a good fit and avoid disappointment.

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Why Buy Shoes Online?

The main advantage of shopping for shoes online is the massive range of brands and styles available. The heartbreak of finding that perfect pair of summer sandals, only to be told that your size is out of stock, is a thing of the past.

With the growth in online sales, the number of shoe stores on the web has increased dramatically. So if one store is sold out of a style or size, a quick trip to your favorite search engine is likely to find another shop selling the same item in seconds.

Those of us with less common foot sizes (larger or smaller than average) can really save time and effort by buying shoes online. There are even shops specializing in shoes for longer and wider feet.

Getting The Right Size When Buying Shoes Online

The biggest challenge in online shoe shopping is getting the size just right when you don't have the chance to try the shoes on before buying. The key is knowing your exact shoe size and foot measurements.

Some people simply go to a standard brick and mortar shoe store to find the brand and size of shoe they want. They try them on to ensure the fit. They then go online to make the purchase at the cheaper price.

To get your exact shoe size on your won, you simply need a precise measurement of the length and width of your feet. You can get this using a piece of paper, a pencil, and a ruler. Put the paper on the floor, place your (shoe-less) foot on the paper, and mark the toe and heel positions on the paper. Them mark the sides of the foot at the widest point. After that measure the distance between the marks on the paper to get the length and width of your foot. Then run through the same procedure for the other foot. It is very common for one foot to be a bit longer or wider than the other. In that case, it's best to buy shoes that will fit the largest measurements. i.e. Use the larger width and the longer length as your foot size.

Buying What You Know And Trust

Even the same numerical size of shoe can fit differently depending on the shoe brand. However, most reputable shoe manufacturers are quite consistent, so if you have a pair of shoes that fit well, chances are that other shoes by that company will fit you too. So sticking with a shoe brand you know and trust is a good idea when shopping for shoes inline.

What If The Shoes Arrive And They Don't Fit?

It's a good idea to check on the returns policy of the store before buying online. Check whether they allow you to return or exchange the shoes if you don't like the fit. Also, be sure to try the shoes on soon after they arrive, to avoid missing the maximum return period.

Some of the best online shoe shops like Robert Wayne Footwear, offer free shipping both on the original purchase, and on any returns or exchanges.

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